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Christoph Wagner: ,Kolorit‘ und ‚Farbe‘ als Kategorien der Ästhetikgeschichte. In: Jakob Steinbrenner, Oliver Jehle, Christoph Wagner (Hrsg.): The phrase koine aisthesis appears, as far as I can see, very rarely in Aristotle. There is one definite use of the phrase in the De Anima, at 425a27. The word koine without aisthesis but such that the latter must be supplied may possibly occur at 431b5, but the text is uncertain there, and there is every reason why the word should be deleted from the text.

Aisthesis greek

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Strong's Greek 144 1 Occurrence αἰσθήσει — 1 Occ. Philippians 1:9 N-DFS GRK: καὶ πάσῃ αἰσθήσει NAS: in real knowledge and all discernment, KJV: and [in] all judgment; INT: and all discernment. 1 Occurrence Aisthesis. Wahrnehmungsprozesse und Visualisierungsformen in Kunst und Technik.

Aisthesis greek

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Aisthesis greek

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The Greek word aisthesis Found just once in the New Testament (Phil. 1:9), the Greek noun “aesthesis” described “discernment” or “insight.” God’s people need “discernment” (Phil. 1:9) so they can “ approve the things that are excellent” and “ be sincere and void of offence unto the day of Christ ” (Phil. 1:10).

In using the word. aisthesis. instead of the metaphysical word.
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1:9), the Greek noun “aesthesis” described “discernment” or “insight.” God’s people need “discernment” (Phil.